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Hoofer the clydesdale Marching proudly, stepping high People wave as I walk by Parades are so much fun for me There's just no place I'd rather be! Lightning the horse I love to run across the plains So get a good grip on the reins We'll go so fast, we'll almost fly And watch the world go zooming by! Teddy 100th Year Anniversary Bear I can't believe it's been so long One hundred years have come and gone But through it all I have stayed true The cuddly bear you always knew! 1997 Holiday Teddy Bear Beanie Babies are special no doubt All filled with love - inside and out Wishes for fun times filled with joy Ty's holiday teddy is a magical toy! 1998 Holiday Teddy Bear Dressed in his PJ's, and ready for bed Hugs given, good nights said This little Beanie will stay close at night Ready for a hug at first morning light! 1999 Holiday Teddy Bear Peace on Earth as the holidays grow near The season is all about giving good cheer With love and joy in your hearts Let's all be friends as the century starts! 1999 Signature Bear 2000 Holiday Teddy When you're tucked in bed tonight Hug Holiday Teddy really tight He'll bring you much joy and cheer and lots of love throughout the year! 2000 Signature Bear 2001 Holiday Teddy This year has flown by very fast It's hard to believe 2001 has passed Time to look forward to a brand new year We hope it brings you joy and cheer! 2001 Signature Bear Blackie the bear Living in a national park He only played after dark Then he met his friend Cubbie Now they play when it's sunny! Cashew the bear I like to swim and climb in trees I like to visit with the bees But what I really want to do Is be your friend and play with you! Celebrate the 15 year anniversary bear I'm the 15th birthday bear With a wish I'd like to share Many more years full of fun Let's keep Ty #1! Cheery the sunshine bear If you're feeling sad and blue Cheery wants to be with you Hug him and he'll make you smile You'll feel better in a while! Classy the People's Beanie I'm proud to be the Beanie you chose I know for sure my happiness shows Thanks so much for creating me It's great to be the People's Beanie! Cubbie the bear Cubbie used to eat crackers and honey And what happened to him was funny He was stung by fourteen bees Now Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese! Curly the bear A bear so cute with hair that's Curly You will love and want him surely To this bear always be true He will be a friend to you! Darling the dog How cute can a puppy be? Pick me up and you will see I'm soft and cuddly, this is true Won't you take me home with you? Derby (coarse mane with star) the horse All the other horses used to tattle Because Derby never wore his saddle He left the stables, and the horses too Just so Derby can be with you! Derby (coarse mane) the horse All the other horses used to tattle Because Derby never wore his saddle He left the stables, and the horses too Just so Derby can be with you! Derby (fine mane) the horse All the horses used to tattle Because Derby never wore his saddle He left the stables, and the horses too Just so Derby can be with you! Derby (fluffy mane with star) the horse All the other horses used to tattle Because Derby never wore his saddle He left the stables, and the horses too Just so Derby can be with you! Fleece the lamb Fleece would like to sing a lullaby But please be patient, she's rather shy When you sleep, keep her by your ear Her song will leave you nothing to fear. Fuzz the bear Look closely at this handsome bear His texture is really quite rare. With golden highlights in his hair He has class, style and flair! GiGi the poodle Prancing and dancing all down the street Thinking her hairdo is oh so neat Always so careful in the wind and rain She's a dog that is anything but plain! Gobbles the turkey Gobbles the turkey loves to eat Once a year she has a feast I have a secret I'd like to divulge If she eats too much her tummy will bulge! Groovy the ty-dye bear Wearing colors of the rainbow Making good friends wherever I go Take me with you, don't let me stay I need your love all night and day! Huggy the bear I'd love to be your special friend I'll stick right by you to the end So hold me close next to your heart And from your side I'll never part! Jabber the parrot Teaching Jabber to move his beak A large vocabulary he now can speak Jabber will repeat what you say Teach him a new word everyday! Kirby the terrier Prancing on the icy snow I put on quite a funny show Slipping and sliding all around I hope my paws stay on the ground! KuKu the cockatoo This fancy bird loves to converse He talks in poems, rhythms and verse So take him home and give him some time You'll be surprised how he can rhyme! Mac the cardinal Mac tries hard to prove he's the best Swinging his bat harder than the rest Breaking records, enjoying the game Hitting home runs is his claim to fame! Mel the koala How do you name a Koala bear? It's rather tough, I do declare! It confuses me, I get into a funk I'll name him Mel after my favorite hunk! Millennium the bear A brand new century has come to call Health and happiness to one and all Bring on the fireworks and all the fun Let's keep the party going 'til 2001! Oats the horse Hop on my back, we'll have a ball Just hold on tight, so you won't fall Over hills and trails we'll go I won't stop 'till you say "whoa!" Princess the bear Like an angel, she came from heaven above She shared her compassion, her pain, her love She only stayed with us long enough to teach The world to share, to give, to reach. Puffer the puffin What in the world does a puffin do? We're sure that you would like to know too We asked Puffer how she spends her days Before she answered, she flew away! Rescue the dog To honor our heroes who lost their lives in the national catastrophe that took place on September 11, 2001. We mourn for them and express our deepest sympathy to their families. God Bless America Ringo the raccoon Ringo hides behind his mask He will come out, if you should ask He loves to chitter. He loves to chatter Just about anything, it doesn't matter! Rocket the blue jay Rocket is the fastest blue jay ever He flies in all sorts of weather Aerial tricks are his specialty He's so entertaining for you and me! Scottie the terrier Scottie is a friendly sort Even though his legs are short He is always happy as can be His best friends are you and me! Seaweed the otter Seaweed is what she likes to eat It's supposed to be a delicious treat Have you tried a treat from the water If you haven't, maybe you "otter"! Sly the fox Sly is a fox and tricky is he Please don't chase him, let him be If you want him, just say when He'll peek out from his den! Soar the eagle (Internet Exclusive) The symbol of freedom soaring high The eagle glides across the sky He's proud to wear red, white and blue He's patriotic through and through! Speckles the e-Beanie Surfing on the Internet I think of friends I've never met They're 'round the world both near and far I hope they know how dear they are! Spunky the cocker spaniel Bouncing around without much grace To jump on your lap and lick your face But watch him closely he has no fears He'll run so fast he'll trip over his ears Stinky the skunk Deep in the woods he lived in a cave Perfume and mints were the gifts he gave He showered every night in the kitchen sink Hoping one day he wouldn't stink! The Beginning bear Beanie Babies can never end They'll always be our special friends Start the fun because we're here To bring you hope, love and cheer! The End bear All good things come to an end It's been fun for everyone Peace and hope are never gone Love you all and say, "So long!" Tuffy the terrier Taking off with a thunderous blast Tuffy rides his motorcycle fast The Beanies roll with laughs and squeals He never took off his training wheels! Ty 2K the bear Red, yellow, green and blue Let's have some fun me and you So join the party, and let's all say "Happy New Millennium" from Ty 2K! Valentina the bear Flowers, candy and hearts galore Sweet words of love for those you adore With this bear comes love that's true On Valentine's Day and all year through! Wallace the bear Castles rise from misty glens Shielding bands of warrior men Wearing tartan of their clan Red, green and a little tan! Zero the holiday penguin Penguins love the ice and snow Playing in weather twenty below Antarctica is where I love to be Splashing in the cold, cold sea! Zip the cat Keep Zip by your side all the day through Zip is good luck, you'll see it's true When you have something you need to do Zip will always believe in you! Harry the bear "Your hair's too long!" some people say "You should get it cut today!" But I like it this way, you see It's the thing that makes me, me!

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