"Founded in 2002 ~ Eastern Iowa writers encouraging each other in excellence."

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Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary Savior by Chris Bozung
134 pages
Energion Publications (October 10, 2012)

Torn: Jacob's Story by Ed Dickerson
320 pages
Pacific Press Publishing (September 29, 2009)
Nominated for CHRISTY Award!

Grounds for Belief by Ed Dickerson
144 pages
Pacific Press Publishing (February 12, 2007)
5 stars at Amazon.com!

Fiction and Truth: Stories that Speak to the Soul (anthology)
with stories by Angela Hunt, Robin Bayne, Gayle Roper, and Kimn Swenson Gollnick
compiled by editor Kathy Ide
185 pages
Mountainview Publishing (November 2009)

Getting Your Financial Hou$e in Order
by David & Debbie Bragonier with Kimn S. Gollnick
240 pages
B&H Publishing Group, Inc. (October 2003)
Winner of the "Best Christian Non-Fiction Book Award" (2004)

Bylines 2008 Writer's Desk Calendar
Includes essay by Kimn Swenson Gollnick
160 pages, spiral bound
Snowflake Press (2007)

Inside the Mysteries of the Bible
Includes 2 articles by Kimn Swenson Gollnick
176 pages
Time Inc Home Entertainment (October 2006)

The Write Start: Practical Advice for Successful Writing
Includes 2 chapters by Kimn Swenson Gollnick
184 pages
Pleasant Word, A Division of WinePress Publishing (October 2004)

Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul
Includes "A Treasured Gift" by Kimn Swenson Gollnick
400 pages
HCI (September 2002)





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