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Listen to Charlie McCarthy
and Edgar Bergen!

"Charlie talks about
Marilyn Monroe."

1952 (0:11)

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Did you try holding your mouse over Ronnie's face on each page? Go back and try it. If you do, you'll find a secret message!

Riddle time: What creature is part farmer, part ventriloquist? Give up? Click here to learn the answer!

Would you like to see one of Jimmy Nelson's old "Nestle Quik" commercials? Cool! Click the play button below. It will take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.

Danny O'Day and Farfel!

Here's another bonus--the intro to one of my many routines with Ronnie Smith. Try it out with one of your puppets. If you run into trouble with the labials (words with "b, f, m, p, v"), remember to practice substitute sounds revealed on "The SECRET" page.

In a ventriloquist script,
"V" stands for "Ventriloquist"
and "F" stands for "Figure."


F: Hello, hello, hello, everybody! WOW, what a great lookin' audience!

V: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls--

F: Yeah, and Moms and Dads!

V: Yes, Ronnie (annoyed). My name is Kimn, and this is my partner, Ronnie Smith....


V: What's the matter?

F: You forgot the "handsome" part.

V: Oh, sorry. (Turn to audience). This is my handsome partner, Ronnie Smith.

F: Wait a minute!!

V: Now what?

F: You forgot the INTELLIGENT part.

V: Okay, Ronnie! But that's IT, understand?

F: Okay, okay....

V: (To audience) This is my HANDSOME, INTELLIGENT--


V: Conceited--

F: Conceited--HEY! How'd that get in there?

V: (Laughing) You're the one who said it!

F: Well, don't listen to me, I don't know WHAT I'm saying!

V: Ronnie, why are you being so obnoxious tonight?

F: Obnox--? (flustered) Well, it's not my fault!

V: What do you mean, it's not your fault?

F: Well, it's that girl over there. She's bothering me!

V: (In disbelief) There's a girl bothering you?

F: That's right. That girl right there, in the front row.

V: You mean, that girl right there?

F: YES, that girl right THERE!! (leans over)

V: Ronnie . . . . How can she be bothering you? She's not even paying any attention to you.

F: I know! That's what BOTHERS me!

V: Oh, brother! Is that all you ever do is chase girls?

F: Noooo. Sometimes I CATCH 'em! Heeheehee.

V: Oh, Ronnie! You're too much.

F: Oh, no--I'm just enough. (Wiggle eyebrows.)

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