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'Late Show with David Letterman' launched 'Ventriloquist Week'

Five lucky ventriloquists snagged the chance to perform on David Letterman's "The Late Show" on CBS in September. In the hierarchy of the vent world, these five unarguably are at the top of the field and perform regularly in public venues.

Personally, I would like it if Letterman followed this up with a "Semi-Pro Ventriloquist Week" to give lesser-known vents a chance at stardom. He could then add an "Amatuer Ventriloquist Week" for those who are goofy enough to go on television to make us laugh.

Of course the question then becomes, what next? A "Clown Week" with a balloon sculpture contest? A "Magician's Week" when they make the band disappear, including instruments?

On second thought, that might be entertaining!

Read the original story below.

UPI News Service

Based on an idea from the show's host himself, several ventriloquists are set to appear on New York's "Late Show with David Letterman" all this week.

The show's "Ventriloquist Week" will feature the field's most talented performers including Broadway-bound Jay Johnson and his dummy Darwin, Todd Irving and his dummy Irving, and Willie Tyler and his dummy Lester.

Justin and Eric Stangel, lead writers and producers of the TV show, said that the unusual TV premise represents an ongoing attempt by the "Late Show" to constantly offer fresh entertainment to the public.

"I'm happy that when people hear about it," Justin Stangel told the Daily News, "that they are amused and very, very curious. We always try to do creative, different things on the show, things that make us laugh."

Read what TV Guide said about Letterman's "Ventriloquist Week."

See YouTube videos of the performers (below).

TV Guide Cheers and Jeers

October 9, 2006

"CHEERS to Late Show with David Letterman for keeping the spirit of The Ed Sullivan Show alive with 'Ventriloquist Week.' In the same theater that once showcased Seņor Wences and Edgar Bergen, Letterman welcomed such current practitioners of the talking-dummy act as Jay Johnson, Willie Tyler and Todd Oliver. And we didn't see Dave's lips moves once."

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Willie Tyler and "Lester," September 18, 2006:

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Jay Johnson and "Darwin," September 19, 2006:

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Ronn Lucas and "Scorch," September 20, 2006:

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Jeff Dunham and "Walter," September 21, 2006:

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Todd Oliver and "Irving," September 22, 2006:

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