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Ventriloquism is as easy as making your hand talk, or covering it with a sock or a lunch bag to make a puppet. For those of you ready for more, explore the following list of resources.

How to Become a Ventriloquist
by Edgar Bergen

Edgar Bergen, America's most famous ventriloquist, reveals the secrets of his trade, sharing helpful tips on "near" ventriloquism, the doll-dummy, hand puppets, shadowgraphs and cardboard.

Paperback; 128 pages.
Published by Dover Publications (March 2000).

Dummy Days: Favorite Ventriloquists
from Radio and Early TV

by Kelly Asbury

From vaudeville to television, the Golden Age of Ventriloquism is showcased in this book profiling five famous vents: Edgar Bergen, Senor Wences, Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson, and Shari Lewis. Contains over 200 rare photograph reprints. A classic!

Hardcover; 128 pages. Published by Angel City Press (July 2003).

I Can See Your Lips Moving: The History and Art of Ventriloquism
by Valentine Vox

Edgar Bergen, America's most famous ventriloquist, reveals the secrets of his trade, sharing helpful tips on "near" ventriloquism, the doll-dummy, hand puppets, shadowgraphs and cardboard.

Hardcover; 223 pages. Published by Plato Publishing (July 1993).

by Paul Winchell

The autobiography of Paul Winchell, one of America's favorite TV ventriloquists known for his hilarious sidekick, Jerry Mahoney. Later in life he was the voice of Disney's TIGGER. Winchell escaped a painful childhood through his vocal illusions, and became famous for the laughter he brought America.

Paperback; 408 pages. Published by Authorhouse (March 2004).

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Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself (DVD)
Starring: Jeff Dunham and friends

Named "The World's Greatest Ventriloquist" by the New York Times, Jeff Dunham is one of the most talented ventriloquists active today. His amazing vocal gymnastics between multiple characters astound and entertain with no limits. Be aware, his characters can be a bit salty!

Running time: 76 minutes. DVD Release Date: April 2006

How to Become a Ventriloquist (DVD)
Starring: Paul Winchell and friends

Paul Winchell made guest appearances on every major TV show through the 50's and 60's, winning numerous awards for his contributions to children's programming. Drawing from over fifty years of experience, Winchell teaches the many techniques of the Art of Ventriloquism. Includes classic footage from Winchell's own library.

Available through The Magic Depot.

Fun with Ventriloquism (DVD)
Starring: Liz Vonseggan and friends

Liz is America's best-kept secret! Once crowned the best female ventriloquist in the nation (second only to Shari Lewis), Liz teaches aspiring vents and puppeteers how to polish their craft. Co-founder of "One Way Street" with her husband Dale, Liz travels with Dale and staff conducting workshops across multiple states every year. Learn from the best--Liz Vonseggan!

Available through One Way Street.

Fun with Character Voices (DVD)
Starring: Liz Vonseggan and friends

Liz teaches listeners six different voice types using an entertaining mix of puppets and helpful pause and practice screens.

Available through One Way Street.

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  • - Helping ventriloquists and Hollywood execs with puppets, professional figures, scripts, books, and more.

  • - Continuing the Maher Ventriloquist Studios tradition, supplying puppets, vent figures, scripts, and booklets.

  • One Way Street: Resources for Creative Ministry
    Puppets, scripts, performance needs (sound & lighting equipment), school programs, music, props, scenery.

    Founded by Dale and Liz Vonseggan, the most respected puppet suppliers and educators in the country.

  • - Hosted by professional ventriloquist Lee Cornell. "Dedicated to teaching new ventriloquists and keeping the art of ventriloquism alive - by providing the guaranteed finest instructional products and services in the world."

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